Kiril Petkov

Resigned PM Petkov: We are Entering a Political Crisis, the Mandate will be Returned

"We are entering a political crisis, our partners are waiting to see what happens. This crisis is costing Bulgarian citizens a lot". This was stated by the resigned Prime Minister Kiril Petkov. "At this time, the mandate will be returned", he added.

Construction Works on the Greece-Bulgaria Interconnector have been Completed

Resigned Prime Minister Kiril Petkov will be on a one-day visit to Greece, where, at the invitation of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he will participate in the official ceremony marking the completion of the construction of the Greece-Bulgaria Intersystem Gas Connection (IGB).

Expelled Russian Diplomats are Leaving Bulgaria with their Families: 2 Flights are Taking Out more than 160 People Today

The 70 Russian diplomatic officials expelled from Bulgaria are leaving our country today with their families. Two flights will take between 160 and 170 people.

The Russian Federation has requested permission to operate the two flights.

Head of Petkov’s Office: Spokespeople for Russia receive 4,000 BGN Per Month in Bulgaria

"Spokespeople for Russia's position in Bulgaria often do not act completely free of charge. The Bulgarian services have data on this since February, since the beginning of the attack on Ukraine. The 'reward' is BGN 4,000 (EUR 2,038) per month".

This was reported on Saturday by Lena Borislavova, head of the office of the resigned Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, on Radio "Darik".

Ex-PM Borissov: Petkov wanted the Chair, in 6 months He was Removed, and by a Majority

"We were able to salvage at least the next few months with the budget update. We managed to save them from making the wrong decisions, they even made the right decisions in an amateur way", GERB leader and former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said about "We Continue the Change".

GERB will not hold Talks on Supporting a Government in this Parliament

"GERB-SDS will not conduct any talks to support a government within this parliament with any mandate", the chairwoman of the parliamentary group Desislava Atanasova told journalists on the sidelines of the National Assembly. "We believe", she pointed out, "that it is right to have early parliamentary elections as quickly as possible".

Ambassador Mitrofanova will Propose to Putin the Closure of the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria

Ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova announced that she intends to propose to the leadership of her country to close the Russian embassy in Bulgaria because of Sofia's refusal to cancel the decision to expel 70 Russian diplomats and officials.