Kiril Petkov

Bulgarian PM proposes that Parliament Resolve All Issues on the Topic of North Macedonia

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov has proposed that parliament resolve all issues on the topic with the Republic of North Macedonia, including whether or not to lift the veto for Skopje's talks with the European Union. This is one of the points that the Prime Minister proposed for a vote at the beginning of today's government session.

Bulgarian PM expects Azeri Gas Imports via the Interconnector with Greece in July

"It is possible that the Greek gas connection will start operating in July", said Prime Minister Kiril Petkov in response to a question from the Bulgarian National Radio.

"Everyone predicted September, October, November - no, it will open in July," the prime minister said today in Veliko Tarnovo.

Minister and MPs Quit Bulgarian Party, Alleging Criminal Connections

Radostin Vassilev, the minister who resigned. Photo: There's Such a People.

One of those who resigned, Radostin Vassilev, who was Minister of Youth and Sport, alleged on Monday that "the mafia has taken over the party".

"I have promised society to obey the law and I can't leave certain things unsaid," Vassilev also told bTV on Tuesday morning.

Macedonian PM doubts Sofia is ready to Resolve Disputes with Skopje

The Bulgarian veto on the start of negotiations for the membership of North Macedonia in the EU is expected to be the main topic of today's visit of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Bulgaria.

He arrives in Sofia from Skopje, where he told North Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski this morning that the country is ready to start EU membership talks.

Bulgarian PM: I will Talk every day with MPs ready to Serve the State not their Party Leader

The update of the budget and support for the minority government are the goals of the meetings of Prime Minister Kiril Petkov with MPs from the Bulgarian Parliament. This was announced by the Prime Minister in a special video address.