Kon: I have no answer

As for the next session of the Crisis Staff, which was expected to be held tomorrow, Kon said that it was postponed.
"The Crisis Staff has been postponed, that's true. Why it's postponed, I don't have an answer at the moment," says Kon.

"State of emergency or otherwise health system will experience total collapse"

According to him, only pharmacies, grocery stores and gas stations would remain open. He also points out that the state of emergency has no alternative "otherwise we will burst like a rattle".
He also said that the result can only be a complete prevention of contacts.

No new measures until Friday; "Medical part of Crisis Staff in for complete lockdown"

He said that something must be done by the weekend and that until then, everyone has time to think about how it could be implemented. The main places of infection have been spotted, restaurants and cafes, while the ski slopes are not places of infection, but we will leave that for Friday, said a member of the Crisis Staff.

"Relaxation of measures are being considered, but..." VIDEO

He stated that we are still far from reaching collective immunity.
"Despite the fact that more than 400.000 people have been vaccinated, we are still far from reaching collective immunity," Dr Kon told TV Prva.
As he said, currently the rate of collective immunity, which consists of those who have antibodies after getting infected with COVID-19, is around 30-40 percent.

"Relaxation of measures is not realistic"; When do we take off masks? VIDEO

Stating that the number of newly infected in the previous days is "very high", Kon said at the press conference of the Crisis Staff that an increase is possible "if we relax and stop respecting the measures currently in force", but also assessed that we are no longer in an emergency epidemiological situation.

"Every vaccine is safe"