Another wave of coronavirus expected? A new warning: Delta strain is more contagious

"We could, experts warn, have full hospitals again and thousands of newly infected people on a daily basis," Kon said.
He stated that the delta strain is currently dominant in the world and added that the problem is not the new strain but the insufficient number of vaccinated.

Kon took off his mask: "If collective immunity reaches 70 percent, we are safe" VIDEO

"But what has to worry us is - Great Britain. If the Chinese strain was one to infect three, this Indian strain is to infect five to six," says Kon.
He adds that vaccines also protect against the Indian strain, and when asked if it is possible to get symptoms of the virus, in addition to vaccination, he answered:

Kon before the session of the Crisis Staff - why did he take off his mask?

According to him, the virus "moved" towards a younger age, but it decreased in the total population at all ages.
He said that the current epidemiological situation is completely different than last year at the same time, especially thanks to immunization, so it cannot be expected to be as bad as then.

Kon: I have no answer

As for the next session of the Crisis Staff, which was expected to be held tomorrow, Kon said that it was postponed.
"The Crisis Staff has been postponed, that's true. Why it's postponed, I don't have an answer at the moment," says Kon.

"State of emergency or otherwise health system will experience total collapse"

According to him, only pharmacies, grocery stores and gas stations would remain open. He also points out that the state of emergency has no alternative "otherwise we will burst like a rattle".
He also said that the result can only be a complete prevention of contacts.

No new measures until Friday; "Medical part of Crisis Staff in for complete lockdown"

He said that something must be done by the weekend and that until then, everyone has time to think about how it could be implemented. The main places of infection have been spotted, restaurants and cafes, while the ski slopes are not places of infection, but we will leave that for Friday, said a member of the Crisis Staff.