Kon: "You call me Ustasha and Mengele. I will never forgive them for that"

"We can't see the results yet because that measure has just started to be applied. It is just an introduction to something that should be implemented 24 hours a day. It is an epidemiological position. Is it too late to talk now? We requested these measures to be implemented since spring", said a member of the Crisis Staff.

"I begged to be recalled"

He told K1 television that the medical part of the staff insisted at yesterday's session that it be publicly announced that they were in favor of introducing more restrictive measures. He also said that he did not know why COVID passes were not introduced yesterday. He also pointed out that he personally did everything and that he begged to be recalled if it bothered them.

Kon: Either that, or lockdown

He added that the alternative to COVID passes is lockdown.
"As for COVID passes, it was a little late. We discussed it very seriously back in May, at the city level. It was said that the introduction was unconstitutional and it was stopped being talked about," Kon told TV Prva.