Kon: At that time, all of us, except Dr Nestorović, formed a medical group

"As for the sessions of the Crisis Staff - I experience them intensely. It is important to understand that we are in a situation where the decision to ban the reception was forced, it hasn't been done out of spite. The epidemiological situation is looming and now we have no right to allow growing number of infected", Dr Kon said on TV Prva.

"The provision of the vaccine is a historic moment - we must not mess up now" VIDEO

"For Serbia, without exaggeration, the arrival of the vaccine is a historic moment. At the same time, the level of infection is slowly but surely declining," Dr Kon told TV Prva.
"Now we must not mess up - everything is in our hands," Kon concluded.
He says that we have a "weapon in hand" with the vaccine.

Kon: We're all against celebrating New Year; 50.000 vaccines to arrive in January

He added that twice as many doses are expected in February.
Kon stated that Serbia expected 340.000 doses of the vaccine in the first quarter, including Chinese and Russian vaccines, but that around 290.000 doses would actually be delivered, because Pfizer fails to deliver all the required quantities.

"I'm ready" VIDEO

"According to the plan that has been made, the most endangered are clearly defined - they are health workers, then all those who are employed in nursing homes, and then the users of nursing homes themselves," Kon said.
He said that now there is a coordination team for immunization.

Predrag Kon: "Medical part of the Crisis Staff is strictly against easing measures"

However, as he said, "reality is as it is" and that "they will consider this decision again".
He said on RTS that he did not even know why the application of the measure that one can enter Serbia only with a negative PCR test was postponed for two days and is valid only from midnight.

Vučić: Serbia will not be anyone's guinea pig, vaccines will be good and safe

As a guest on Prva TV, he thanked everyone who is working on equipping COVID hospital in Kruevac, which will be opened on Sunday.
"As far as the vaccine is concerned, I have absolute trust in Varhelyi, he is a sincere friend of Serbia and he is trying to get Serbia to receive the vaccine on time," he said.

Kon: "Beware people, beware now"; "Crisis Staff sessions are not pleasant, but..."

"We are coming to a flattening of the curve. One needs to be careful, but here we are. We are now much more following hospitalizations and the difference between admissions and discharges that dropped to 130 yesterday. There are still more admissions than discharges.

Kon: We consider restricting movement; This can only be compared to a state of war

"It has been resolved that there will be new measures at the borders - yes, now it is just a technical question how it will be implemented. So it has been decided," he said.
As he stated, the big question is whether it is possible to control private New Year's celebrations.
"That's why one has to think about restricting movement," he told Prva Television.