Kornelia Ninova

BSP Leader: President Radev's Caretaker Cabinet wanted to Give Weapons to Ukraine, I Stopped the Deal

"In recent weeks, the issue of arms exports to Ukraine has been used harshly. An accusation has been made that we speak one thing in public and do another behind the scenes. And while we claimed that we did not export a single cartridge, they claimed that tons of weapons for billions of levs were sold at night with intermediaries".

Ninova: Radev's Presidential Institution is Not Enough for Him, He wants Real Power

"President Radev and Vice President Yotova began attacking the government in the first month. I had no explanation for why so quickly the president who created Petkov's party 'We Continue the Change', who launched them into power, attacked them.

Bulgarian MFA: Lavrov is Under Sanctions that’s why his Flight through Bulgaria was Denied

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria did not provide a diplomatic permit for Russian flights over Bulgarian territory that have on board the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov with a note from June 1.

This is stated in the position of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry.

National Celebration at Okolchitsa Peak in Memory of Bulgarian Hero Hristo Botev

June 2 - Botev's Day is celebrated with a traditional national pilgrimage to Okolchitsa peak.

The emblematic verse "He who falls in the fight for freedom, he does not die" was again proclaimed on the mountainous Vratsa Balkan, where hundreds gathered to pay tribute to the Bulgarian heroes, 146 years after the heroic death of the poet-revolutionary.

Deputy PM considers Russia a Friendly Country, “as do most Bulgarians”

Leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Kornelia Ninova told bTV that Russia is a friendly country towards Bulgaria. According to her, this is the opinion of the majority of Bulgarians, and therefore a large percentage did not want to send military aid to Ukraine, which has been the subject of military action by Russia since February 24.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party will Leave the Coalition if it is Decided to Export Weapons to Ukraine

"If the Council of Ministers decides to export weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) will leave the coalition, we will wait to see what will be voted on," Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Industry Kornelia Ninova told media in the village of Parvenets.

NY Times: Bulgaria has Supplied Weapons to Ukraine through an American Company

Bulgaria and five other countries sell Soviet weapons and ammunition to Ukraine through the US company Ultra Defense Corp., based in Tampa, Florida, according to an analysis by the New York Times. The company works with arms factories in Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia, Serbia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, which provide the so-called "non-standard ammunition".

MP: Ukrainians say they received Bulgarian Weapons but our Government says otherwise

Atanas Atanasov, co-chairman of "Democratic Bulgaria" (DB), described as "hypocrisy" the fact that Bulgaria declares that it does not export weapons to Ukraine, and at the same time "according to publications in authoritative Ukrainian publications, Bulgarian products from the military-industrial complex are on the 4th place of supply for the country invaded by Russia."