Kornelia Ninova

Political Analyst: In Case of Early Elections in Bulgaria New Parties Will Have Overwhelming Majority

We will most likely have an expert minority government, nominated by the three new parties and at least moderately supported by the status quo parties, and in case of elections in three months the new ones in parliament will have a majority - they are yet to gain strength, told Dir.bg political scientist Evgeny Dainov.


Will Bulgaria Be Governed by Cabinet of Experts?

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov's centre-right party came first in the weekend's parliamentary elections, partial results showed Monday (5 April), but with protest parties surging it has no clear partner to form a governing coalition.

Borissov's GERB party, undermined by scandals and protests after nearly a decade in power, won just 26% of Sunday's vote.

Executive Body of Bulgarian Socialist Party Resigns Except Their Leader - Ninova

Bulgarian Socialist Party leader Kornelia Ninova said on April 5 that the party's entire executive bureau had resigned in, but she herself was not stepping down.

"I was elected only 6 months ago by a large majority in the party, but more importantly, a Parliament is to be formed," Ninova added.

Parallel vote count at 100% by Alpha Research: GERB-UDF win 25.2% of the votes; “There Is Such a People” comes second with 17.1%

Parallel vote count at 100% by Alpha Research polling agency shows that Boyko Borrisov's GERB-Union of Democratic Forces coalition has won 25.2% share of the votes in Bulgaria's parliamentary elections, held on April 4.

The party of the TV presenter, Slavi Trifonov "There is Such a People" is second with 17.1%.

Bulgaria on Election Eve: Political Leaders, Medical Professionals Are Key Election Runners in Major Cities

According to the lists of registered party candidates for the upcoming general election on April 4, the race in Sofia's 25th multi-member constituency and in Plovdiv will be between party leaders, while many candidates in Sofia's 23rd constituency will be doctors of medicine.

Bulgaria: BSP Demands Starting Talks with Russia on Sputnik V Vaccine Delivery

The Bulgarian Socialist Party submitted a decision to parliament demanding that the National Assembly tasks the Council of Ministers with initiating bilateral talks on the delivery of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19.

According to socialist leader Kornelia Ninova, there are many people who want to get vaccinated in the country, but there is a shortage of vaccines:

Bulgarian Socialist Leader Kornelia Ninova Resigns

Kornelia Ninova has resigned as leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), taking full responsibility for the party's election results, Focus News Agency reports. Ninova announced her decision today, opening the meeting of the party's National Council. She said that a congress should be convened to launch a procedure for direct election of party leader. 

Bulgaria's Transport Minister: Enough Speculation, there is no Favorite Investor to Sofia Airport

"There is no favorite for the 35-year concession at Sofia Airport and each of the candidates has equal chances with the rest". Thus, Transport Minister Rossen Zhelyazkov commented in Burgas the statement of BSP leader Kornelia Ninova a few hours ago, "What is the European in one giving Sofia airport a Turkish concession?"