Kornelia Ninova

The Bulgarian Socialist Party collected over 200,000 Signature for its Referendum against “Gender Ideology”

An initiative committee, which started a petition to call a referendum against "gender ideology" and was supported by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), managed to collect a little over 208,000 signatures for the three-month period it had (it expired on July 26).

Bulgaria: “Vazrazhdane” will Appeal to the Constitutional Court for the Referendum against the Euro

The pro-Russian political party "Vazrazhdane" has received help from "There Is Such a People" and the independent MP Radostin Vassilev to appeal to the Constitutional Court about the decision of the National Assembly to reject the proposal to call a referendum against the euro. This was announced by party leader Kostadin Kostadinov at a briefing on the sidelines of the parliament.

Bulgaria: Borissov, Petkov and Peevski headed Important Committees in Parliament

The election of the chairmen of standing committees in the National Assembly led to an interruption of the session - a new, unsuccessful request by "Vazrazhdane" for a chairman's council for additional consultations. This was followed by a demonstrative exit from the hall by "Vazrazhdane", BSP and "There Is Such a People".

Leader of BSP: The Bulgarian National Interest was Sold Three Times in One Day

"The Bulgarian national interest was sold three times in one day". This was stated by BSP leader Kornelia Ninova regarding Volodymyr Zelensky's visit to Bulgaria, today's approved declaration of Ukraine's accession to NATO and the decision to sell equipment from the "Belene" NPP to Ukraine.

Ninova on the events in the Bulgarian Parliament: Genders against Fascists

"We witnessed one of the most shameful scenes in the recent history of the Bulgarian parliament", commented the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Kornelia Ninova. According to her, the Speaker of the Parliament, Rosen Zhelyazkov, abdicated his leadership role by interrupting the session:

Ninova: BSP will be in Opposition to a Cabinet created by WCC-DB and GERB-SDS

"The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) will be the opposition to a cabinet nominated by 'We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria' (WCC-DB) and GERB-SDS." This was stated by the leader of the socialist party, Kornelia Ninova.

According to her, this is an unprincipled coalition that shows no interest in the real problems of the people: