Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Decision on university staff put off until Friday as PASOK becomes more skeptical

The coalition has bought itself a few more days to settle a dispute over how many of the university administrative staff it placed in a labor reserve last year it will rehire this month but there are growing differences within the government over how and if it should meet the public sector targets it has agreed with the troika.

City Hall presses for rehiring of ex municipal police officers

City Hall is pressing for former municipal police officers who have not been rehired as employees of the Greek Police force to be taken on to staff "critical services."

In a statement late on Thursday, City Hall called on the Administrative Reform Ministry to accept its appeal "even at the eleventh hour" and rehire the staff.

Civil service sacks 524 employees for range of offenses

A total of 524 public servants have been dismissed from the civil service since the beginning of 2013 after being found guilty of a wide range of offenses, chiefly disciplinary misdeeds such as fraud and violation of duty, but also crimes including attempted manslaughter and trading in child pornography, according to official data released on Wednesday.

Greek presidential decree aims to slash red tape in government

A presidential decree being put forward by the government aims to reduce the number of instances in which more than one minister has to sign a decision by 150.

The legislation, prepared by the Administrative Reform Ministry, is the government’s latest effort to tackle bureaucracy, aiming to speed up the pace at which ministries can issue decisions.