Lars Von Trier

Breaking the Waves | Athens | May 23

The Danish Institute in Athens presents free screenings of critically acclaimed Danish productions. The selection on Tuesday, May 23, is Lars von Trier's award-winning and critically acclaimed "Breaking the Waves," in which Emily Watson plays a Scottish woman whose husband encourages her to sleep with other men when he is paralyzed in an accident. The screening starts at 7 p.m.

Antalya to host Connie Nielsen

Danish actress Connie Nielsen will be one of the guests to be welcomed at the 53rd Antalya Film Festival, where she will attend the opening night. 
Nielsen's latest film "The Confessions" is one of the films to compete in the International Film Competition category. 

The film's first screening will be on Oct. 18 at 12 p.m. at the Antalya Cultural Center (AKM). 

10 movies with… real sex scenes

While the vast majority of films rely on body doubles and camerawork to accomplish the illusion of actual sex acts between characters, there are a handful of movies that skip the smoke and mirrors entirely. These movies all contain real sex scenes between their actors. Some of them are extremely explicit and others more subtle. But all of them are unsimulated.

Lie with me (2005)