Ludovic Orban

Battle flags of Romanian units participating in Afghanistan missions, decorated by President Iohannis

At a military ceremony on Wednesday at the Triumphal Arch Square in Bucharest, President Klaus Iohannis decorated the battle flags of the units having participated in the NATO Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan.

Orban about public resource involvement in PNL campaign: If true, person deciding must go

The chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban said, on Tuesday, in Ploiesti, referring to a possible involvement of public resources in the party's internal campaign, that if the information is true, then whoever made such a decision "must immediately leave Victoria Palace." "If that document is true, whoever drew that document up and especially the person deciding to use publ

PM Citu: Soon-to-be estimates show two-digit economic growth in Romania for 2021

Some estimates soon to be announced show an almost two-digit economic growth for 2021, Prime minister Florin Citu said Sunday at a reunion of the County Coordination Committee of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Cluj. "We are all here because we believe in liberalism and we believe that only through liberalism can we develop Romania.

PNL's Orban: I'm not running for new term as PNL leader just because I want to

Bucharest, July 16 /Agerpres/ - PNL (National Liberal Party) leader Ludovic Orban on Friday said in Arad that he has decided to run for a new term because he has the ability to lead the party to new elections. "I am not running for the presidency of the National Liberal Party, for a new term, just because I want to.

Speaker Orban: National Day of France is a day of celebration for us too

Chamber of Deputies Speaker and Liberal leader Ludovic Orban took today to Facebook to send a message on the National Day of France. "July 14, France's National Day, is a day of celebration for us too. The homeland of freedom and of a great civilization we have been in love with for centuries, France is the country that took in and hosted the Romanians since the beginning of the 19th century.

Orban: The proposal for the new finance minister has to be made by PNL, discussed with PM

Bucharest, July 12 /Agerpres/ - National leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban said on Monday that the proposal for the new finance minister has to belong to the party and discussed with the prime minister. "We did not talk about that, we will discuss this issue with Prime Minister Citu.

Ludovic Orban: Dear Moldovans, it is in your power today to decide the future of the country

Chamber of Deputies Speaker Ludovic Orban urges Moldovan citizens to go to the polls in large numbers on Sunday, "because the democratic future of the Republic of Moldova depends on this vote." "I was glad to see the mobilisation of those in the diaspora, who, as in Romania, understood the important role they play in determining the fate of their country.

PNL head Orban: 3rd stage of National Local Development Plan - a must for Liberal Gov't

Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and Chamber of Deputies Speaker Ludovic Orban told a local party meeting today in Ramnicu Valcea that a new National Local Development Plan (PNDL) is needed for achieving the basic infrastructure goals in local communities. "I consider a new National Local Development Plan - PNDL stage 3 - to be a necessity and a must for the Liberal government.

Romania’s Axing of Finance Minister Exposes Rift in Ruling Party

In a surprise move, Romania's Prime Minister, Florin Citu, on Thursday sacked the Minister of Finance, his fellow National Liberal Party member, Alexandru Nazare.

"We have delayed projects at the Ministry of Finance - important projects to attract European funds and to eliminate tax evasion," Citu said after the government meeting in which he fired Nazare.