Müslüm Gürses

Interest in vinyl on rise despite digitalization

Despite the impact of digitalization on the music industry, the sales of vinyl records have been on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fact that people, who have to spend most of their time at home due to the outbreak, have found new hobbies, increased the interest in nostalgic vinyl records, which normally draws interest of its enthusiasts only.

Clarinet festival in Istanbul

The 6th International Clarinet Festival will be held in Istanbul between Sept. 8 and 17, featuring Turkish and international musicians. 

Serkan Çağrı, the festival's art director, said at a recent press conference that the clarinet is only a lead symbol for the festival, which is in fact a broader and more wide-ranging event. 

Sibel Can: A voice that can't be limited to one style

One of Turkey's biggest divas, Sibel Can has just released her 21st album covering the biggest hits of the Arabesque genre, particularly anthems from stars like ?brahim Tatl?ses and Müslüm Gürses. 

Arabesque has always been a controversial style in Turkey, having attracted heavy criticism for its sublimation of pain and suffering in love.