Mahmut Özer

Former ministers elected as parliamentary commission heads

Following a voting session in the Turkish parliament, the heads of specialized commissions have been determined, with former ministers taking leadership positions in commissions relevant to their respective fields.

During the general assembly meetings, the commissions convened to select the members of the Presidential Council.

Schools to be suspended day after election

The government has decided to suspend schools the day after the upcoming elections as they will be used as polling booths, Education Minister Mahmut Özer has announced.

"We will take a break from education the day after the election in order to prepare the schools for the next day in a healthy way," Özer said in a televised interview.

Education Ministry develops digital platform for English learning

The Education Ministry has developed a digital education platform called "Diyalekt" to facilitate the English learning processes of users of all ages and levels, Minister Mahmut Özer has announced.

Özer emphasized that they announced a mobilization in three languages consisting of Turkish, English and mathematics.

More than 27,000 students return to quake zone

More than 27,000 of the students who were previously transferred to other provinces after the earthquakes have returned to their own schools, Education Minister Mahmut Özer has said.

After the deadly Feb. 6 earthquakes, Özer stated that they took great care to turn education back to normal and thanked the other ministries and officials for their support.