Marcel Ciolacu

PSD leader Ciolacu: It was normal for Orban to resign as interim PM

Interim PSD (Social Democratic Party) leader Marcel Ciolacu on Tuesday said it was normal for Ludovic Orban to resign as interim Prime Minister, since there existed a decision of the Constitutional Court in this regard and that, in his opinion, a government of specialists should be appointed until the next elections.

Parliament meeting for investiture of Orban Gov't II couldn't be held due to lack of quorum

Parliament's meeting for the investiture of the Orban Government II was closed on Monday by Speaker of the Deputies' Chamber Marcel Ciolacu, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) interim Chairman, who announced that there was no quorum to carry out the works. The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies announced that out of 456 MPs, only 188 registered their presence.

Ciolacu: Romania facing imminent danger of coronavirus; all politicians must return to Romanians' agenda

Interim leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu said on Monday that Romania is facing an "imminent danger" caused by the new coronavirus and it is time for all politicians and all political forces to return to the agenda of Romanians.

PSD: It's prime minister-designate's duty to prove Parliament's support

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) says that it is the duty of the prime minister-designate to prove that he has the support of Parliament for the formation of the Government, and Ludovic Orban is trying in vain to blame the Social Democratic parliamentarians. "It is the duty of the prime minister-designate to prove that he has Parliament's support for the formation of the Government.

Ciolacu, Sassoli: We support increase in cohesion funds, correct implementation of common agricultural policy

Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Marcel Ciolacu had a meeting in Brussels on Monday with the President of the European Parliament, David Maria Sassoli, on the topic of the European budget. "I continued the series of today's meetings with a constructive discussion that I had with Mr. David Maria Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, on the European budget.

PM Orban to meet parliamentary party leaders to discuss early elections

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban meets on Tuesday at the Government House leaders of the parliamentary parties to discuss calling early elections. According to the Government's Press Office, Orban said Monday that the Liberals will take all necessary steps to reach early elections.

PSD's Ciolacu: Complaint regarding designation of Prime Minister will be submitted to CCR Monday

Bucharest, Feb 9 /Agerpres/ - The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Marcel Ciolacu, who is also the interim chair of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), stated that on Monday he will submit a complaint towards the Constitutional Court (CCR) regarding the designation, for the second time, of Ludovic Orban as Prime Minister by President Klaus Iohannis.

Consultations for new PM designation at Cotroceni presidential Palace (round-up)

After consultations on Thursday with President Iohannis at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, national leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL), freshly dismissed PM Ludovic Orban announced having presented to Iohannis the PNL decision to support the requirements for early elections being met.

Cotroceni consultations/Ciolacu: We proposed Remus Pricopie for PM; decision belongs to President

Social Democratic Party (PSD) interim leader Marcel Ciolacu on Thursday announced, after the consultations at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, that he presented to President Klaus Iohannis the proposal to designate Remus Pricopie as Prime Minister.