Marcella Frangipane

Seal impressions shed light on ancient bureaucracy

Archeologists are tracing ancient seal impressions found in the 7,000-year-old Arslantepe Mound in the eastern province of Malatya to understand how bureaucracy was born.


Seal impressions found in excavations at the mound, which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Permanent List, shed light on the bureaucratic structure of the period.

Ancient adobe throne comes to light

An ancient throne made of adobe has been found during excavations at Aslantepe in Malatya. The finding is very important according to the head of the excavations, Italian Professor Marcella Frangipane This year's excavations at the ancient Aslantepe site in the eastern province of Malatya have unearthed an adobe throne, estimated to date back to some 5,000 years ago. 

World’s first adobe palace comes to light in eastern Turkey

Excavations will start soon in the Aslantepe tumulus, one of the latest 13 places in Turkey that have been included in UNESCO’s world heritage temporary list. Dating back to the 5,000s B.C., the ancient site in the central Anatolian province of Malatya is home to the world’s first adobe palace, which was unearthed in previous years. This year, the goal is to unearth the palace completely.