Maria Voican

Liberals' Orban: For PNL there is no other political solution to govern than current coalition

The chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban, said on Wednesday that for the Liberals there is no other political solution of government than the current coalition and stressed that Save Romania Union - Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity (USR PLUS) must make a new proposal for Minister of Health.

Simple motion against HealthMin lodged by PSD: Voiculescu doesn't understand domain, he must leave

Minister of Health Vlad Voiculescu proved "enough and to spare" that he is not the "right" man to lead the most important field in the current unprecedented medical crisis caused by the pandemic of COVID-19, that he causes "only confusion", he does not comply with the rules mandatory for others and "argues with everyone", and consequently he must "urgently" leave office, the PSD deputies say in

PM Citu: Measures taken work, deliver results

Prime Minister Florin Citu on Monday told a press conference that the measures taken a week ago to combat the COVID-19 pandemic are working and delivering results. "In terms of the epidemiological situation, things have stabilised. We took some steps a week ago (...) and you saw that Easter could be celebrated during such time.

Marco Sovar grabs gold medal at Cairo's Junior Fencing World Championships

Romanian athlete Marco Sovar won the gold medal in the men's sword event on Sunday at the Junior Fencing World Championships in Cairo, after defeating in the finals the South Korean Junseong Park, 15-13. The fencer legitimized at CS Dinamo was led 11-7, but managed to snap back and win, according to the website of the Romanian Fencing Federation.

PSD challenges in court Gov't decision to close stores after 6 p.m.

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) has challenged on Friday in court the government decision to close stores after 6 p.m., on reason that this measure was not thoroughly motivated with scientific proof. "The Social Democratic Party filed an application for annulment in the Bucharest Court of Appeal against the Government's decision to close the stores after 6 p.m.