Mariana Nica

Central bank's Vasilescu: Laws appear without analysis of legitimacy, hence laws that breach laws

Laws appear without an analysis of legitimacy and we wind up with laws that breach laws, and the Constitutional Court declares them unconstitutional, National Bank of Romania (BNR) strategy consultant Adrian Vasilescu said on Wednesday in reference to the laws on credit agreements, leasing operations and financial relations in the banking area.

FinMin Teodorovici: To come up with amendment proposal of OUG 114, following dialogue, not through coercion

Minister of Public Finance Eugen Teodorovici announced on Monday in Parliament that the Government will come up with a proposal to amend Emergency Ordinance (OUG) 114, resulting from the dialogue and the interest of the business environment, not through the coercion or under the pressure of companies. "I have always been a man of dialogue, and I will repeat it as many times as necessary. Daea: Common Agricultural Policy, convenient for all and valuable to everyone

Minister of Agriculture Petre Daea presented in Brussels at the meeting of the second EU-Agriculture and Fisheries Council, chaired by Romania since taking over the presidency, the steps taken regarding the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), to be enforced as of 2021, and which must be "convenient for all and valuable to everyone".

BNR spokesman on Valcov's suggestion to scrap ROBOR: Serious confusion in understanding money market

Spokesman of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) Dan Suciu turned critical on Darius Valcov, economic advisor to the Prime Minister, saying that the latter's suggestion that the formula used to calculate the interbank offered rate ROBOR should be changed or that the benchmark rate should be removed all together proves he is in serious confusion about the money market and its role in the

Public transport's Creci: Perhaps an increase in public transport travel ticket be considered when at European standards

In an interview with the National News Agency AGERPRES, the managing director of the Bucharest Transport Society (STB) Andrei George Creci is confident that when the public transport in the Romanian capital city will be at European levels, then the STB could think of raising the pay for a travel ticket.

AgriMin Petre Daea: Priorities related to innovation and digitization, our commitment to strengthening EU role globally

Agriculture Minister Petre Daea attended the World Food and Agriculture Forum in Berlin, an event organized on the sidelines of the International Green Week exhibition, the topic chosen for this year being "Agriculture Goes Digital - Smart Solutions for Future Farming," informs the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR). Romania finalises process of adopting first file in area of economic and financial affairs

The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union has finalized the process of adopting its first file in the area of economic and financial affairs, namely the Regulation as regards the minimum loss coverage for non-performing exposures (NPL), informs the Ministry of Public Finance (MFP).