Marianna Kalergi

Muay Thai champ Marianna Kalergi in sexy bikini (photos)

One of the sexiest players of the Greek reality TV show “Survivor” was Muay Thai champion Marianna Kalergi. When the hot contestant was voted out of the show social media followers were very disappointed. But Marianna keeps her Instagram fans happy as she frequently posts sexy photos. In one of her latest uploads the brunette beauty slipped into a tiny bikini sending her fans crazy.

Marianna Kalergi: Sexy and lethal…(hot pics)

Marianna Kalergi is quite a sexy girl, as her social media photos prove. But don’t let her looks fool you. Marianna is a Muai Thai champion and she could kick your behind in a second. Marianna, who took part in the Skai TV’s reality show “Survivor” for a week, put on her sexy bikini and posed for the camera sending the heartbeats of her Instagram through the roof.