Mario Draghi

Editorial: The first step

The decision of the European Central Bank to make an exception to the rule and offer Greece a waiver that will allow Greek paper though still not investment grade to be used as collateral for Greek banks to have access to ECB cash is an important step forward for the embattled Greek economy.

Editorial: Slingshot in lieu of a bazooka

The global economy is already sailing in the uncharted waters of the asymmetrical threat of the coronavirus.

In the last systemic threat, in 2012, then ECB chief Mario Draghi famously said that "whatever it takes" would be done.

That assurance alone was sufficient to quell the fears of investors and raised the bar for the handling of analogous future crises.

Praise and risk

Mario Draghi, the outgoing president of the European Central Bank, is heavily credited with helping to save Greece from economic collapse at the height of its protracted financial crisis.

Christine Lagarde Was Endorsed by EU Leaders as the Next ECB President

Christine Lagarde was endorsed by EU leaders as the next President of the European Central Bank (ECB).

The European Council endorsed Christine Lagarde as President of the ECB. She will replace the now former ECB President Mario Draghi from 1 November. 

Earlier, her candidacy was endorsed by The European Parliament and the Council of the EU.