Official Bode: If there is an agreement with Austria, they won't be able to take whomever they please

Minister of Transport Lucian Bode on Friday stated in Timisoara that there has been no such official request from an Austrian official related to a train that was supposed to leave from the Timisoara Railway Station on May 2 to transport workforce from Romania to Austria, to take care of the elderly in this country.

HealthMin Tataru: We'll have an assessment regarding coronavirus situation after Easter

Health Minister Nelu Tataru has stated in Cluj on Wednesday that after Easter an assessment regarding the coronavirus epidemic situation in Romania will be carried out and, until then, the measures which the authorities have announced so far remain in force.

Several Italian, French resident physicians are helping Arad County Hospital during COVID-19 epidemic

Several foreign resident physicians, Italian, French but also from other countries are working at the County Clinical Hospital (SCJU) in western Arad, during the coronavirus epidemic, some being Italians, even from the seriously affected areas. by COVID-19, who chose to care for patients admitted to the Arad hospital.

CNS Cartel Alfa's Bogdan Hossu: OUG on healthcare, masked privatization of health system

President of the 'Cartel ALFA' National Trade Union Confederation Bogdan Hossu told a press conference held in Cluj on Friday that the Emergency Ordinance (OUG) on healthcare is, in fact, a masked privatization of the medical system. "The OUG on healthcare is actually a masked privatization of the medical system.

UDMR to vote for censure motion; not interested in governing

National chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor on Thursday told AGERPRES that UDMR will vote for a censure motion if the Ludovic Orban government assume responsibility before Parliament for two-round mayoral elections, adding that his party is not interested in governing at this time.

Romanian Parties to Hold Talks on New PM

President Iohannis has to nominate a new PM | Photo: Pro TV

Leaders of Romania's main parties are to be invited to the presidential residence to start talks on the appointment of a new prime minister, after Victor Ponta resigned on Wednesday.

Ponta quit following mass protests over the nightclub fire that killed 32 young people.