Marko Đurić

Đurić: Albanians unified, and we mediate over Trepča

Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Đurić said that in Serbia we have “political mediation” involved in a sensitive subject such as Trepča.

“We have a problem here. While the Albanians are unified in their striving to secede, and take our property, in Serbia we face some kind of political mediation on that issue”, said Đurić.

Kosovo office chief visits returnees

Kosovo office chief visits returnees

KLINA -- Marko Đurić says he "expects officials of ethnic Albanian political parties in Kosovo to provide support and protection to Serbs in Metohija."

The director of the Serbian Gvernment Office for Kosovo made the comments on Monday as he was visiting the village of Vidanje in the Klina municipality.