Marko Miljkovi

Indictment filed against Belivuk, containing more than 300 pages

More than 322 pages of evidence and other charges have been sent to court for confirmation.
It should be recalled that they are currently accused of five murders, illegal possession and distribution of narcotics and weapons, kidnapping and rape.
The indictment covers 31 defendants, including witnesses - defendants.

Vučić: "We will destroy the drug gang, we will cut off the head of the mafia"

During the show, disturbing footage of the murder of Vlastimir Milosevic in March 27th Street in Belgrade at 6.50 a.m. was shown.
"This is a conflict between two clans, something that was imported to Serbia from Montenegro, this is a war between the Kavac and Skaljari clans," said Vucic.

It's confirmed: Human DNA found in a meat grinder VIDEO / PHOTO

Minister of the Interior, Aleksandar Vulin, stated today that after the expertise, the members of the Ministry of the Interior and the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime definitely confirmed that several DNA samples of several victims were detected in the meat grinder found in the house belonging to Belivuk and Marko Miljkovi clan in Belgrade's Ritopek neighborhood.


Police continued with arrests during the night: Velja Nevolja's wife also detained

About 60. 000 euros in cash were found in her apartment, TV Prva reported.
She is not known to the public, but as a source familiar with the investigation said, the police believe that they can help them in order to gain new knowledge and possible evidence and witnesses who would point out Belivuk's criminal actions.

Security Information Agency and police made arrests all night, raids underway VIDEO

All arrested individuals are suspected of associating in order to commit crimes, kidnappings and aggravated murder, said this morning the prosecutor for organized crime, Mladen Nenadi. As he stated, searches and raids are underway at about 30 locations, RTS and Tanjug reported.