Maya Manolova

Bulgaria: Fences around the Soviet Monument in Sofia, “Vazrazhdane” Protest the decision

Since the morning, the Monument to the Soviet Army has been cordoned off with high and thick fences, BTA reported.

In the area of the monument, which is located in the Prince's Garden, there is an increased police presence, uniformed law enforcement officers have surrounded the monument on all its sides.

Bulgarian Football Fans Attacked the Soviet Monument in Sofia (VIDEO)

An attack on the monument to the Soviet Army took place last night. Young men broke with a hammer the plaque on the monument known as MOCHA - Monument to the Occupier Red Army, and also attacked with smoke the tent camp that the party "Levitsata" had set up there to guard the monument.

Bulgaria: Protest of "Vazrazhdane" and TISP against the New Cabinet

An hour before the vote for a new cabinet, hundreds of "Vazrazhdane" supporters gathered in the square in front of the National Assembly building.

Minutes before the vote for the cabinet, the entire parliamentary group of "There Is Such a People" (TISP) led by Toshko Yordanov, as well as Maya Manolova from "Levitsata" gathered on the square.

The Bulgarian Socialists received less than 9% in the Elections - Their Leader blamed another Left Party

The question of changing the leadership in the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) does not stand. Party leader Kornelia Ninova will not resign, despite the historically poor result of Sunday's vote.

This became clear at the BSP's first briefing after the elections, in which the party received 8.94%.

Petkov Expects around 30% Support in Upcoming Elections for His Formation "Continuing The Change"

Kiril Petkov, one of the leaders of the new political project, believes that the newly formed coalition will win about 27-30% of the vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

In a riv interview he said he was pleasantly surprised by a poll that found it with 9% support, but said the campaign could multiply it by three.

Bulgarian Socialists Make Last-Chance Attempt to Form Govt

Kornelia Ninova, the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, casts her vote at parliamentary elections in March 2017. Photo: EPA/VASSIL DONEV

The BSP, which came third in the most recent polls in July, is being given the chance to form a government after failed attempts by the winning party There is Such a Nation and former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov's GERB.

Waiting for the Third Term: No Talks, but Iva Miteva is Favored for Prime Minister

There will be no official talks about the future government between the parties before the third term, but  "Democratic Bulgaria" and "Stand up. BG! We are coming!" announced that the Speaker of the 46th Parliament Iva Miteva has qualities and would be a great choice for Prime Minister.