Mihai Eminescu

Alexander Nanau's Collective receives Gopo Award for Best Feature

The documentary "colectiv/Collective" by Alexander Nanau - Romania's 2021 Oscar nomination for Best Documentary and Best Foreign Language Film - received the Gopo Award for Best Feature at the gala that took place on Tuesday evening at the "Mihai Eminescu" amphitheater in Bucharest.

Wreaths laid at Eminescu's bust under linden tree in Iasi's Copou Park

Cultural and artistic officials and local administration officials of Iasi laid wreaths on Friday at the linden tree in Copou Park under which Mihai Eminescu wrote part of his literary work, on the poet's 171st birth anniversary. Due to the pandemic, the number of attendees was small compared to previous years, in the dozen, who had to keep their l distance and give up speeches.

National Culture Day - Bucharest National Opera: Six shows signed by Romanian composers, online, on Friday

The Bucharest National Opera (ONB) will broadcast online, on Friday, on the National Culture Day, six shows signed by Romanian composers within the project titled #DordeONB, from the Opera online series.

ParliamentaryElection2020/Tariceanu: I don't want today's, future generations to live in political system with single decision maker

Senator Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, who is running for a new term in Parliament on behalf of the Pro Romania Party, said today that he voted for a democratic society where power is not concentrated "in the hands of just one man." "I cast my ballot today with the thought that there is a great danger lurking over our democracy, specifically the accumulation of power in the hands of one man.

At least today, 131 years after Eminescu morphed into Hyperion, let us not criticize him

Mihai Eminescu has "unveiled" the soul in its purest forms, said on Monday the president of the Romanian Academy, Ioan-Aurel Pop, who urged that at least today, on the 131st anniversary of the poet's death, we do not criticize him. "In adolescence, we learned that on January 15 and June 15, we are entitled to think of Eminescu as our homeland.

President Iohannis: Romania needs to overcome its cultural paradoxes

President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday stated that "Romania needs to overcome its cultural paradoxes," and the specialists in the cultural field must establish the priorities and the concrete objectives for the modernisation of the national culture infrastructure, and give real content to the multiannual funding of these objectives.

CultMin Gheorghiu: Making sure our children remember those who wrote history, our duty

Culture Minister Bogdan Gheorghiu said on Wednesday that the duty of the public institutions and administrations is to make sure that the names of those who made history and sketched up Romania's national destiny will not be forgotten by children, adding that a Romania of culture is a country of partnerships, increased tolerance and acceptance.