Milan Jovanovic

"Journalists should start year with united action"

Cenzolovka's editorial board supports the solidarity action with the Zig Info portal and colleagues Milan Jovanovic and Zeljko Matorcevic.

"As we are very familiar with this case, we will provide assistance to all colleagues and newsrooms interested in researching the topics that Jovanovic and Matorcevic have started," the website announced on Monday, adding:

New protest held in Belgrade

The organizers announced that between 35,000 and 40,000 people took part, but Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic later cited police estimates that said 5,000 protesters attended the rally.

The protest opened with a moment of silence to honor the victims of a collision between a bus and a train in southern Serbia on Friday.

Protesters have demands for public broadcaster

Protesters have sent their demands to Serbia's public broadcaster RTS.

According to the organizer's announcement, "Radio Television Serbia (RTS) should be a public service for all citizens, instead, it is an accomplice in concealing the truth and creating a parallel, false reality that Aleksandar Vucic has been creating for six years."