"When it comes to the future of the EU, we are obviously looking for solutions that imply a repetition of history", believes diplomat and analyst of international relations Zoran Milivojevic. According to him, the statements of the President of the European Commission should be interpreted in that key. Ukraine's membership in the EU - on the front line towards Russia.

"If the withdrawal of KFOR is requested..."

Milivojevi also emphasized for Kosovo online that the withdrawal of the peacekeeping mission from the territory of Kosovo, which is under the international protectorate would mean a violation of Resolution 1244.
It should be reiterated that Aleksandar Vui stated today that he has information that a great power is preparing to request the withdrawal of KFOR and UNMIK from Kosovo.

Dialogue continues because of Kurz, Vucic "brings criticism"

Milivojevic told Prva TV's news program that today's meeting is "not surprising, although it may seem so."

He recalled that the dialogue "almost died in the summer" when a lot of criticism was leveled at the EU, the mediator in the dialogue, regarding the organization's "inability to solve the problem."