Milo Djukanovic

An Indebted Ex-President and the Pricey German Fix to a Montenegrin Stench

And that's not all.

The sum of evidence collected by two independent experts, sources involved in the project and via documents reviewed by the Centre for Investigative Journalism in Montenegro, CIN-CG, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, and the weekly Monitor, indicate that WTE overcharged by millions of euros for the construction of the one completed treatment plant.

Son of Fugitive Ex-President Builds Raspberry Fortune in Serbia

Speaking from Belgrade, where he found safe haven despite repeated demands from Montenegro for his extradition, 65-year-old Marovic, once a key ally of Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic, said that his family had been "brought to the brink" of financial collapse by the scandal that enveloped him in 2015 when he was arrested on corruption charges.

Home of Old Magazine Stories Keeps Yugoslavia’s Memory Bright

"This intelligent polemicist and forecaster is already a little tired of politics, he says. He would like to do it on a voluntary basis. But he cannot escape, he knows, right now from that hot cauldron."

So wrote journalist Manojlo Vukotic back in 1989 about a then fresh face on the scene of Montenegro politics.

In Montenegro, Death of Outspoken Bishop has Political Ramifications

It also presents the Church's Belgrade leadership with an opportunity to elect a successor more in sync with Serbian state policy under President Aleksandar Vucic, analysts say.

Metropolitan Amfilohije Radovic died on October 30 of complications from COVID-19. He was 82 years old.