Milos Vucevic

Vucevic condemns Trump assassination attempt in strongest terms

BELGRADE - Serbian PM Milos Vucevic condemned in the strongest terms the attempt to assassinate former US President Donald Trump, noting that "violence cannot and must not have a place in politics."

"I strongly condemn the attempt to assassinate the 45th president of the USA, Donald Trump.

Vucevic: We are grateful for Madrid's principled support for territorial integrity of Serbia

BELGRADE - Serbian PM Milos Vucevic met with Spanish Ambassador to Belgrade Juan Aparicio on Thursday to discuss bilateral relations and future economic cooperation, as well as Spain's principled position on the territorial integrity of Serbia.

Vucevic thanks Argentina for not recognising so-called Kosovo

BELGRADE - Serbian PM Milos Vucevic spoke with Argentine Ambassador to Belgrade Osvaldo Narciso Marsico on Friday, thanking him for his country's support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia and the firm position of not recognising the unilaterally declared independence of the so-called Kosovo.

Vucevic: Red security alert to remain in force for a few more days

BELGRADE - Serbian PM Milos Vucevic said on Tuesday a red security alert declared in the wake of Saturday's terrorist attack outside the Israeli embassy in Belgrade would remain in force for a few more days and that Serbian security agencies were working on uncovering cells of religious extremists.

Serbian Armed Forces display HQ-17AE anti-aircraft defence system for first time

KRUSEVAC - The Serbian Armed Forces' newly-acquired HQ-17AE anti-aircraft defence system was publicly displayed for the first time at Friday's tactical and technical assembly in Krusevac, also attended by Serbian PM Milos Vucevic and government ministers.

The HQ-17AE is a Chinese-made short-range anti-aircraft defence system designed to protect troops on land.