Miroslav Kurak

21st anniversary of the murder of Slavko Curuvija

Curuvija was killed on April 11, 1999, during a NATO bombing of the FRY in front of his home in downtown Belgrade where he lived, that day was Easter according to the Julian calendar.
Four years ago, four members of the then State Security Division were sentenced to execution for liquidation a year ago, totaling 100 years in prison.

Tanzania and Ethiopia silent on Curuvija murder suspect

Investigative website Insajder is reporting, citing other media, that Kurak had been living and working for years in Tanzania.

The Interior Ministry (MUP) told Insajder that they sent a request to locate and arrest Kurak to the General Secretariat of Interpol, as well as their offices in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Curuvija trial: Key evidence included in third attempt

The court reviewed a report on expert analysis of communications as one of the key evidences of the prosecution.

According to the prosecution and the Curuvija family lawyers, although the defendants testified that they were in another location when the murder took place, this report confirms that the accused Miroslav Kurak and Ratko Romic were at the scene of the crime.

"Court releases Curuvija case accused threatening witnesses"

Milan Radonjic and Ratko Romic, accused for the killing of journalist Slavko Curuvija, have been released to house arrest.

Reacting to this, Veran Matic, chairman of the Commission Investigating Murders of Journalists, said he was "surprised with the strange decision, especially as the fourth accused in the case, Miroslav Kurak, is still on the run."