Vučić after the meeting with Mitsotakis; "A question has arisen..."

Just to reiterate, Vui received Kirjakos Mitsotakis today at the Palace of Serbia.
Vui said that he was happy to have hosted his Greek colleague, because we are talking about two brotherly countries. He reminded that this year marks the 145th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Vucic today with Mitsotakis

The program of the visit of the Greek delegation foresees a tete-a-tete meeting between Vui and Mitsotakis at 9:30 a.m. in the Palace of "Serbia", which will be followed by plenary talks by the delegations of the two countries, led by Vui and Mitsotakis, announced the Office for Media Relations of the President of Serbia.

The standoff between Brussels and Hungary, aid to Ukraine, and the view from Greece

On Thursday European leaders will look to overcome growing resistance to further aid for Ukraine, with Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban vowing to defy EU pressure to approve a four-year €50 billion aid package to the war torn country. EU support is seen as crucial to Ukraine's war effort.

Mitsotakis at COP28: Renewables and the ‘new Greece’ that is emerging

This weekend at COP28 Prime Minister Mitsotakis stated that despite the "climate devastation" experienced this year "a new Greece is emerging" that will see renewables, where Greece had "one of the best performances of any European country," take center stage.