Mladen Marinov

170 kg of Cocaine Seized in the Black Sea by the Bulgarian and Romanian Authorities

In the Black Sea we have found five consignments of cocaine wrapped in waterproof material and a lifejacket to stay afloat, Minister of Interior Mladen Marinov said at the beginning of today's government meeting, Focus News Agency reports. "So far we have seized about 170 kg of high-quality cocaine.

Bulgaria will Strengthen Security Along the Border with Greece

The security of our border with Greece is intensified both with border police and with gendarmerie because of the danger that large groups of refugees trying to enter the territory of Bulgaria, moving to Western Europe. This was announced by Interior Minister Mladen Marinov after a meeting at the Council of Ministers, reports Darik. 

Bulgaria's Defence Minister: No Danger of Migrant Wave in our Country

There is no imminent danger of a migratory wave for Bulgaria. If necessary, the army is ready to send up to 3000 troops at the border. This was announced on the official page of the Deputy Prime Minister of Public Order and Security, Minister of Defense and Chairman of VMRO-BN Krassimir Karakachanov.

Bulgaria Strengthened Border Patrols over Situation with Migrants in Greece

Because of the situation in Greece, Bulgaria has already strengthened the border patrols, Bulgaria's Interior Minister Mladen Marinov told journalists in Parliament on 5th of April. According to him, our country has an action plan in case tensions escalate, reports BNT. 

Serious Decline in Household Crime Reported the Bulgarian Interior Minister Mladen Marinov

At the national level there is a decrease in the seriousness of the crimes committed in the field of domestic crime - against the personality and the property. Increased mobility and the ability to respond quickly to crimes. This was stated by Interior Minister Mladen Marinov during a hearing in the parliamentary committee.

Investigative Police Officer has been Arrested in Blagoevgrad

An investigating police officer from the Regional Directorate of the Interior Ministry in Blagoevgrad was arrested on 25th of March during an operation by the specialised prosecutor's office, reports BNT. 

According to preliminary information, the woman has been detained at her workplace because she was preventing criminal proceedings against a criminal who is currently in prison.

Bulgarian Interior Minister is on an Official Visit to the United States

,,A strategic partnership is established between the law enforcement authorities of Bulgaria and the FBI and we are ready to develop and deepen it.''

Around this opinion, Interior Minister Mladen Marinov and FBI Director Christopher Ray have united, the press center of the Interior Ministry said.