Mladen Marinov

Minister Marinov: The Development of Cross-Border Cooperation is an Important Factor in Guaranteeing the Security of European Citizens

Interior Minister Mladen Marinov participated in the informal meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Helsinki, the press center of the Ministry of Interior announced.

SUMMARY: Hackers have Penetrated the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency through the Tax Refund System

The penetration in the NRA system, which shared personal data for millions of citizens and businesses, was probably done through the "tax" service and, in addition to registration of the hacker's email, there is no other evidence of a "Russian connection".

Alleged Bulgaria Tax Data Hacker Says He’ll Never Be Caught

Bulgarian Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov confirmed on Tuesday that hackers have stolen many Bulgarians' personal financial data by breaking into the country's electronic tax refund system.

Goranov insisted the data stolen does not include classified information and does not "constitute a threat to financial security".

PM Borissov Gathered an Extraordinary Summit of the Council of Ministers' Security Council

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has gathered the Council of Ministers' Security Council for the hacker servers of the NRA. Borissov is expected to have all the heads of special services, including Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov, Interior Minister Mladen Marinov.

Football Club Owners Met with Bulgaria’s Prime Minister

On July 8, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov met with the owners of Bulgaria's top three football clubs Ludogorets, CSKA-Sofia and Levski to discuss alleged pressure on referees. The meeting was also attended by Interior Minister Mladen Marinov, Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov and Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) President Borislav Mihailov, reports BNT. 

Bulgarian Police Officers and Prison Guards Plan a Protest on July 5

Police officers and prison guards are planning to stage a protest. It will be held outside the Council of Ministers on 5 July, when the Ministry of Interior will mark 140 years since its establishment. The protest is supported by the Bulgarian Doctors' Union and Podkrepa trade union. The main demand is decent pay for night work, reports BNT. 

Bulgarian Cabinet Adopted the Annual Report of the Council for Disaster Risk Reduction

Speaking to journalists on 19th of June, the Minister of the Interior Mladen Marinov explained the good practices that the agencies apply. He emphasized that the weather over the past few months was bad with heavy rainfalls, hailstorms and storms, reports BNT

The Ministry of Interior Prohibits Martial Demonstrations in front of Little Children

Interior Minister Mladen Marinov has issued an order to stop martial demonstrations in front of children after three children were injured in Silistra by a grenade explosion. The ban was announced during the parliamentary scrutiny on Friday.

Bulgarian Interior Minister: No Need of Information Disclosure on Radicalised Pupil

The changing operational situation imposes the necessity of creating anti-terror centres in this country, Interior Minister Mladen Marinov said, reports BNT. 

Anti-terror centres are necessary, Marinov added, in order to concentrate and process information so that it can become most easily accessible and thus the actions taken be synchronized by all the institutions.