Monika Karimanovic

Barber of Malca arrested PHOTO

According to unofficial reports, he was arrested at a cemetery in his hometown of Malca. Earlier today, media reported that a local man had spotted him in the village of Malca.
Ninoslav Jovanovic was arrested, Tanjug confirmed at the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Nis.

Monika has been found, remains in hospital

Monika Karimanovic is feeling well and is currently in the Clinical Center in Nis. As the news learned, the girl will be detained on Pediatric Surgery to have all examinations performed in detail. Monika's parents got permission from police to see their daughter.
The first photos of the girl on a stretcher have already appeared in the media.

An important novelty in schools since the second semester

This will reduce the number of absences, the Ministry is convinced.
Even now, thanks to an electronic school diary, parents can check if their child is at school. As soon as the teacher registers that the student is not in class, the parent can see it if he / she accesses the e-diary with a special code.

Police and gendarmerie members in the village near Oresac - search is underway VIDEO

Members of the police and gendarmerie units are intensively searching the grounds.
According to unofficial information, the abducted girl is alive and is currently with the suspect, TV Prva has learned.
Earlier today, police and a gendarmerie surrounded the village of Oresac on suspicion that the suspect was hiding there.

Police and Gendarmerie in Oresac looking for a man suspected of kidnapping girl VIDEO

As B92 informally learns, the villages of Oresac and Puskar are surrounded by heavy police forces. Sniper units are located every 100 meters.
Jovanovic is suspected of abducting Monika Karimanovic (12) from Suvi Do near Nis.
There are large number of police officers and gendarmerie in Oreac searching for abandoned houses in the village.