Mustafa Karadayi

Delyan Peevski Assumes Sole Leadership of DPS Parliamentary Group

In a brief meeting, the members of the parliamentary group of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) decided that Delyan Peevski will now serve as the sole chairman of the DPS Parliamentary Group, a position he previously shared with the resigned chairman, Mustafa Karadayi.

Bulgarian Politician Mustafa Karadayi Resigns as Chairman of DPS

Mustafa Karadayi has resigned as chairman of the DPS (Dvijenie za Prava i Svobodi/Movement for Rights and Freedoms), "24 Chasa" reports, citing unofficial sources from the Movement.

DPS did not comment on the information to BNT, but reported that a party meeting is currently being held.

Bulgaria: Political Reactions to the proposal for New Military Aid to Ukraine

Bulgarian political party GERB-SDS stated that the proposal submitted to the parliament for new military aid to Ukraine foresees the provision of over 100 pieces of armored equipment, which is no longer needed for the Bulgarian gendarmerie, but is still functional.

Bulgaria: Peevski and Karadayi announced a Course to Protect the Economy from Malicious Russian Investments

With proposals for changes to the law on the promotion of investments, DPS asked for the creation of a special mechanism for checking foreign direct investments to avoid the risk of Russian capital entering sectors related to national security.

Bulgaria: DPS leader warned that the Sixth Elections in two years are coming

The sixth "unnecessary" elections in two years are set, warned the leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) Mustafa Karadayi, who took part in the forum "The European Union meets the Balkans", organized by the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.

DPS: A Bulgarian Government based on Euro-Atlantic Priorities is Possible otherwise We are Betting our Future

The chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), Mustafa Karadayi, called from the parliamentary rostrum for a dialogue between the political forces and the formation of a government with Euro-Atlantic values with clear tasks and specific deadlines.

The Bulgarian Political Parties are Looking at the Third Term for the Formations of a Government

The possibilities of forming a government within this parliament with the second and third terms became an emphasis in the declarations of the individual parliamentary groups that opened the political season.

Breaking with tradition, the first words came from "We Continue the Change" (WCC). Nikolay Denkov, nominated for Prime Minister, defined the main goal of his formation: