Napoleon Bonaparte

Anonymous bust turns out to be long-lost Napoleon

An anonymous marble bust picked up in a Paris art market has turned out to be a 200-year-old sculpture of a young Napoleon Bonaparte, Sotheby's said on July 1.

The auction house said the once-famous bust was going up for sale on July 5 in London, expected to fetch between £120,000 and £180,000 ($145,000 and $217,000).

Napoleonic jewels dazzle in Geneva auction

A jewelry set worn by French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte's adopted daughter sold for $1.65 million in Geneva on May 12, soaring way above the pre-auction estimate.

Marking the 200th anniversary of Napoleon's death, Christie's auction house sold the nine imperial jewels adorned with sapphires and diamonds, which were from the collection of his adopted daughter Stephanie de Beauharnais.

Bashar Assad Returns Legion d'honneur to France

Syria has returned the prestigious Legion d'honneur that was presented to its president Bashar al-Assad by France, saying would not wear the award of a "slave country" to the US.

Independent - It comes just days after French president Emmanuel Macron begun the formal process of stripping the honour from his Syrian counterpart.

Stalin tops Putin in Russian poll of greatest historical figures


Russians have picked Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin as the greatest figure in history, a new poll said Monday, beating President Vladimir Putin into joint second alongside poet Alexander Pushkin.

In the poll conducted in April by the Levada Centre independent pollster, Russians were asked to pick the ten greatest individuals of all time.

Joyeuse – King Charlemagne’s legendary sword

Joyeuse is the name tradition attributed to Charlemagne’s personal sword. Some legends claim Joyeuse was forged using shards of the holy Lance of Longinus, the spear that was stabbed into Jesus’ side as he hung dead on the cross. Others say the blade was smithed from the same materials as Roland’s “Durendal” and Ogier’s “Curtana”.

It's just fiction, you Ottomaniacs!

Erospolis has had enough of Ottomaniacs who confuse fact and fiction, as well as the elitist historians who are only too eager to scan Ottoman soap operas to take umbrage with the details"How dare Hollywood portray Anne Boleyn, the brave and intelligent mother of Elizabeth I, as a hysterical slut who slept with her brother?" said Queen Elizabeth II.