Narendra Modi

Greece in the Indo-Pacific

The recent visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Athens opens a new chapter in bilateral relations which have been least-favoured for decades. Despite vast class inequalities and widespread poverty, India has emerged as a major power in the Indo-Pacific region.

Biden 'disappointed' that Xi set to miss G20

US President Joe Biden on Sunday expressed disappointment that Chinese leader Xi Jinping would not attend the G20 summit in India this week, as Washington seeks to repair relations with Beijing.

Asked about Xi reportedly not planning to join the gathering in New Delhi, Biden told reporters, "I am disappointed, but I am going to get to see him," without elaborating.

Greece is India’s ‘gateway’ into the EU

It took 40 years for an Indian prime minister to visit Athens, since Indira Gandhi came to Greece in September 1983. Narendra Modi represents a very different country today compared to what India was in the 1980s. It is now an emerging, rapidly developing superpower, which aspires to lead the countries of the Global South in a multipolar world.