Nataša Sukič

Committee okays new bill on electronic communications

Ljubljana – The Home Policy Committee has endorsed a bill on electronic communications after an almost identical bill had been voted down over concerns about the independence of Slovenia’s electronic communications agency and provisions seen as being directed against Huawei. Some opposition parties maintain the new bill ebcroaches on the agency’s autonomy.

Parliament approves energy crisis relief package

Ljubljana – The National Assembly overwhelmingly approved on Tuesday the government package to mitigate the impact of high energy prices. As the coalition praised the bill and the wide range of beneficiaries during the debate, most of the opposition MPs also supported the bill, although they argued that the aid would come too late.

Opponents of abortion hold Walk for Life rally in Ljubljana

Ljubljana – A march by opponents of abortion called Walk for Life was held in Ljubljana on Saturday, gathering a few hundred people, including Archbishop of Ljubljana Stanislav Zore, who said the fundamental right to life must not be forgotten. A counter-rally was also held at the same time.