Nela Kuburovic

Serbia’s Graft Agency Ignores BIRN Probe Into Minister’s Husband’s Deals

BIRN contacted ACAS, asking whether it had started probing potential corruption worth tens of millions of euros in public procurement deals, which were won by companies connected to Bojan Kisic, husband of Justice Minister Nela Kuburovic. No response arrived by the time of publication.

Company Linked to Serbian Minister’s Husband Gets State Contracts

Out of the spotlight, companies linked with Bojan Kisic secured lucrative contracts with several state companies and ministries, including a three-million-euro deal to maintain Serbia's integrated health information system. The software handles the most sensitive private information of the Serbian public health-care system. 

North Macedonia Frees Kosovo Ex-Guerrilla Wanted by Serbia

Former KLA fighter Tomor Morina was released from detention and returned to Kosovo on Wednesday afternoon after North Macedonia's Supreme Court earlier the same day ruled that there were no legal grounds for his extradition to Serbia.

Kosovo's Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli welcomed the release.

Serbia to Challenge Extradition of Radicals to Hague

Serbian Justice Minister Nela Kuburovic said on Friday that it was "hypocritical" of the UN court to say that witnesses did not dare to appear in court in Belgrade and that therefore the two Serbian Radical Party officials had to be tried in The Hague.

"Serbia has the right to appeal. It will refute the decision," Kuburovic said, Serbia's Happy TV station reported.

"Report on Ivanovic murder has just been sent to Pristina"

Justice Minister Nela Kuburovic said this on Wednesday, adding that this was done on the basis of the last request from Pristina to question certain individuals in connection with the investigation into the murder.

Ivanovic, a Serb politician from northern Kosovo, was shot and killed a year ago in the town of Kosovska Mitrovica.