Nikolai Denkov

Bulgaria's Ex-PM Denounces Corruption and Russian Influence in FT Interview

Bulgaria's outgoing Prime Minister, Academician Nikolai Denkov, has condemned corruption as the primary conduit for Russian interference in the country's affairs. In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Denkov highlighted the deep-rooted ties between corruption and Russian influence, attributing them to the collapse of the ruling coalition.

Bulgaria's Denkov Engaged in Diplomatic Talks with EU, Ukrainian, US, and British Ambassadors

In a strategic move aimed at reinforcing Bulgaria's commitment to its European aspirations and tackling corruption, outgoing Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov held a crucial meeting with EU, Ukrainian, US, and British ambassadors.

Outgoing Bulgarian PM Raises Concerns Over Alleged Prosecutor Misconduct

The outgoing Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Nikolai Denkov, has raised concerns over alleged misconduct by acting Prosecutor General Borislav Sarafov, prompting further investigation into the matter. Denkov's actions come in response to reports of psychological pressure exerted on Zhivko Kotsev, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, leading to his potential resignation.

Bulgaria: Chief Secretary Zhivko Kotsev Explains Departure from Ministry of Internal Affairs

Zhivko Kotsev, the Chief Secretary of Bulgaria's Ministry of Internal Affairs, has clarified the reasons behind his decision to step down from his position. In a statement posted on the department's website, Kotsev cited his belief that he had dedicated sufficient energy and effort to serving society as a driving factor in his departure.

Ex-PM Denkov Reacts to Allegations of National Security Agency's Involvement in Drug Trafficking

Rumors surrounding the State Agency for National Security (SANS) allegedly covering up drug trafficking channels have resurfaced, with former Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov addressing the speculations on Facebook. Denkov's remarks come amidst heightened scrutiny following the detention of former SANS employee, Petya Bankova, who currently serves as director of the Customs Agency.

Outgoing Bulgarian PM Calls for Schengen Borders Lifting

In a recent informal meeting of EU leaders in Vilnius, outgoing Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov emphasized the importance of unity, security, and competitiveness for the European Union (EU) in the evolving geopolitical landscape. Denkov underscored Bulgaria's commitment to coordinated EU action with international partners to uphold a fair, rule-based global order.

Bulgaria: Key Ministers Decline Participation in Caretaker Cabinet

Several current ministers in Bulgaria have announced their decision not to participate in the upcoming caretaker cabinet, adding a layer of complexity to the country's political landscape. Among those who have opted out are regional minister Andrey Tsekov, justice minister Atanas Slavov, sports minister Dimitar Iliev, and Todor Tagarev.