Nikos Hardalias

Up against society

Are the crowds of young people who have been congregating recently in public squares in Athens and other parts of the country politically guided acts of the usual kind or spontaneous gatherings? Even if they did start as a reaction by young people to being cooped up at home for seven weeks, these party-like gatherings soon became political.

The risk of opening schools from May 18

The government's prompt response to the health crisis and the people's compliance explain why Greece has reported less than 15 deaths per million of the population when countries of a similar size like Portugal reported 100/million and Belgium 750/million. The next phase that started this week with the gradual lifting of restrictions will be tougher and painful.

Covid concern after police break up outdoor gatherings

Αuthorities are concerned about a trend involving large groups of young people gathering in squares with alcohol from bars and cafes offering takeaway services, with a square in Agia Paraskevi, north of Athens, being closed indefinitely after two nights of parties that culminated in clashes with police.