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Scientists: 200 Billion Tonnes of Ice Have Melted in Greenland

Because of record high temperatures in July, glaciers have lost a huge amount of their volume, NOVA TV reported.

Scientists from Denmark's Meteorological Institute  reported that over 10 billion tonnes of ice have melted in Greenland in just one day.

Because of record highs of over 20 degrees in July, glaciers have lost enormous amount of their volume.

What Are the Causes of the Recent Severe Car Accidents?

August has started with a series of heavy traffic accidents. "The Causes are Exclusive Complexes", Nedelcho Rachev, stated in an interview for NOVA TV "The first reason is the  inability of the drivers to observe the road congestion when driving in heavy traffic. Second - inability of some drivers to drive properly.

Raina Kabaivanska Became the First Foreigner to Win the Maria Callas Award

The award is given to Italian artists in the field of opera art

Opera Prima Raina Kabaivanska received the award in the name of legendary soprano Maria Callas, New Bulgarian University reported. Thus, the Bulgarian woman becomes the first foreigner to be awarded with the prestigious prize. The ceremony is the culmination of the events of the Maria Callas Festival, NOVA TV reported.

Increase in the Thefts at the Seaside

The most frequent are the thefts in Varna, Burgas and Dobrich regions, NOVA TV reported.

At the height of summer, thefts at the seaside increase. Since the beginning of the year, over 3,500 thefts have occurred in the Varna, Burgas and Dobrich regions.

In June and July alone, personal property encroachments in the Varna region are 456, in Burgas - 441, and in Dobrich - 83.

200 Free Parking Spaces For Bicycles and Electric Scooters in Sofia

Mounting of the stands begins on Monday, reported NOVA TV. 

200 free parking spaces for bicycles, drones, mopeds and scooters in Sofia. Putting the stands will start as early as next Monday.

So far, the envisaged locations for free parking of two-wheeled vehicles are around Largo, at ''Moskovska'' Street and ''Dondukov'' Blvd.

CITUB: The Normal Life of a 4-Member Family Requires BGN 2448 per Month

This is according to data from the Institute for Social and Trade Union Studies, quoted by NOVA TV.

For the normal life of a four-member household - two adults and two children, BGN 2448 per month is required. This is indicated by data from the CITUB Institute for Social and Trade Union Studies at the end of the second quarter of the year.

The US Federal Reserve Has Cut Interest Rates For the First Time in 11 Years

This led to a rise in the dollar and a decline in Wall Street indices, writes NOVA TV. 

The US Federal Reserve has cut interest rates for the first time in eleven years. 

Interest rates, which affect the cost of borrowing for credit cards and mortgages, are now set to hover between 2% and 2.25%.

Thousands of Plastic Bags Were Removed From the Sea Near Greek Island

Volunteers compare the extent of the contamination to coral reefs made of plastic, writes NOVA TV. 

Divers from an international non-governmental organization have removed thousands of plastic bags from the water off the Greek island of Andros. Volunteers compare the extent of the contamination to coral reefs made of plastic.

Bulgarian Cabinet Allocated BGN 90 million For the Toll System

The money will finance the activities of the specialized unit "National Toll Management", writes NOVA TV. 

The government has allocated an additional BGN 89 998 200 under the budget of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works for 2019 to finance the activities of a specialized unit of National Toll Management, BGNES reported.