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Nearly BGN 3 million Will be Allocated by the Government For Child Health

About BGN 3 million for child health will be allocated by the government, reported NOVA TV.

This became clear after a meeting of the pediatricians at the only children's hospital with the prime minister and the health minister.

The bulk of the money - BGN 700,000 will go to the children's hospital.

The Moon is Shrinking

The moon is getting smaller, which causes wrinkles in its surface and moonquakes, according to a new study, quoted by NOVA TV. The quakes can be strong, around a five on the Richter scale, according to the NASA statement.


Volkswagen Postpones the Decision to Build a Plant in October

"It was decided to proceed to specific negotiations on the planned new multi-brand plants in Europe with the other potential candidates," it is clear from the official press release, quoted by NOVA TV. 

German automotive giant Volkswagen will not soon take a final decision on the location of its new plant in Eastern Europe, for which Bulgaria is also a candidate.

A New Study on the EU's Dual Standard of Food

Alcoholic beverages will be tested for the first time, reported NOVA TV.

The country is launching a new study on the EU's double standard of food.

Alcoholic beverages will be tested for the first time. Probably the main foods to be checked for a double standard will be pasta, dairy products, canned food, olive oil, beer, and wine.

The study will last 18 months.

Moscow Warns of the Deployment of US Nuclear Weapons in Europe

The United States is preparing for its use, said the Director of the Non-Proliferation and Arms Control of the Russian MFA, quoted by NOVA TV. 

Having a nuclear weapon in Europe, the United States is preparing to use it, RIA Novosti told the director of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vladimir Ermakov, of the Russian MFA's Directorate for Non-proliferation and Control.