Oana Tilica

Bear response emergency ordinance states animal harvesting should be last resort option

There is a Government Decision in the works that bans feeding bears within locality boundaries or near localities and imposing higher sanctions who those who fail to comply, Minister of Environment, Waters and Forests Barna Tanczos told a news conference on Thursday. "Also, as early as February we launched the tender for the estimation of the bear population by classical methods.

ANM: Unstable weather alerts in most of the country, until Wednesday evening

On Tuesday, the National Meteorological Administration (ANM) issued new Code Yellow and Code Orange alerts of heavy rains, as well as an information of atmospheric instability, to gradually hit the entire country, until Wednesday evening. According to meteorologists, between July 20, 10 am and July 21, 3 am, a Code Yellow of bad weather will be in force in most parts of the country.

MMPS: Unpleasant situations Romanians might face on EU labour market can be prevented

The measures meant to prevent such unpleasant situations that Romanian workers may face on the labour market in the Member States of the European Union (EU) are essential and they are included in the Action Plan for information and protection of citizens who migrate for work, prepared by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MMPS), informs the institution in a press release sent to AGER

Petromidia fire survivor transferred to Germany dies

One of the two persons injured in a recent explosion followed by fire at the Petromidia oil refinery who were transferred to Germany lost his life on Tuesday, Rompetrol has announced. "Deeply saddened, we want to inform you that today one of the two colleagues transferred urgently to Germany for treatment in the aftermath of the incident at the Petromidia Refinery has lost his life.

AFIR: Deadline for young farmers from diaspora wanting to apply for European funds

Young farmers in the diaspora, who want to access European funds to establish themselves as heads/managers of farms in the rural areas still have time to submit their applications to the Rural Investment Financing Agency (AFIR) by Monday, 4:00 pm, AFIR informs.

Trains running between Bucharest North, Airport stations to also have a stop at Mogosoaia Park station

All CFR Calatori [Romania's National Railway Company - Passengers branch - editor's note] trains running between 6:00 am and 11:00 pm to and from Henri Coanda Airport will also stop at Mogosoaia Park station [a park in a rural town north-west of Bucharest - editor's note], starting July 15, the company informs on Friday.

Unstable weather in Romania's mountains, Dobrogea, Moldavia, Muntenia; lingering heat in west

Romania's National Weather Administration (ANM) updated its weather warning on Thursday, issuing a Code Yellow warning of unstable weather during the day in mountainous areas, in Dobrogea, Moldavia and Muntenia, keeping in place a Code Red heat warning for the western parts of the country, Code Orange for Oltenia and most of Transylvania and the Code Yellow for the rest of the country.