Orhan Pamuk

Pakistan literary fest kicks off with Turkish novelists

The 8th Lahore Literary Festival, hosted in Pakistan's second-largest city, kicked off on Feb. 21 with special guest Orhan Pamuk, Turkey's only Nobel laureate in literature.

Speaking to journalist Ahmed Rashid at the festival, considered one of South Asia's premier cultural events, Pamuk expressed his love for his hometown Istanbul, Turkey's largest city.

Pamuk to be awarded honorary doctorate by University of Crete

The University of Crete's Department of Philology will award an honorary doctorate to the 65-year-old Turkish author Orhan Pamuk, it was reported on Saturday.

University officials said they made the decision in order to honor Pamuk - winner of the Nobel prize for literature in 2006 - whom they described as a world-renowned author and a champion of democracy and human rights.

From a literature award to journalists in prison

The Orhan Kemal Novel Award has been one of the most - perhaps the most - prestigious literary awards in Turkey since it was established by the family of the social-realist novelist after his passing in 1970. For example, the star of Turkey's only Nobel literature laureate, Orhan Pamuk, who won in 2006, started to rise after he received the Orhan Kemal Award in 1983.