Srpska lista representatives meet with Chollet, Escobar and Hovenier

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - Srpska lista representatives met on Wednesday with US State Department Counsellor Derek Chollet, US special Western Balkans envoy Gabriel Escobar and US Ambassador to Pristina Jeffrey Hovenier.

In a Facebook post, Strpce Mayor Dalibor Jevtic said the representatives had discussed the current political and security situation with the US delegation.

Kosovo’s EU, NATO aspiration in focus as president visits Slovenia (background)

Ljubljana – Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu will be in Slovenia on Monday and Tuesday, discussing her country’s expectations about joining the EU and NATO, dialogue between Belgrade and Prishtina, and the situation in the Western Balkans.

North Macedonia’s Foreign Minister: The Macedonian Language will become Official in the EU

"The Macedonian language issue has been resolved and all lies related to it must be dismantled". This was said at a press conference in Skopje by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the RNM Bujar Osmani.

The framework that needs to be signed with the European Union will state that North Macedonia will translate the legislation into the Macedonian language.

Pacolli: I paid 90.000 euros... Vjosa never thanked me

However, he says she never thanked him for it.
"I am a member of the Assembly of Kosovo, I also have a party that has councilors in the municipalities. I think I have respect from people wherever I appear. I never lied, I never cheated, I did not abuse the budget, I did not even receive a salary, I paid for Kosovo," Pacolli said.

Albanians arm themselves, U.S. armored vehicles reached Kosovo and Metohija

At the ceremony of presenting these vehicles, which was also attended by the Prime Minister of Kosovo of self-proclaimed Kosovo, Albin Kurti, Osmani thanked the United States for the donation and said that the people of Kosovo will forever be grateful to the American people.

Kosovo ‘Should Rethink Serbia Agreements’ with Biden in Power

Kosovo's Acting President Vjosa Osmani. Photo: EPA-EFE/GEORGI LICOVSKI

In September 2020, the presidents of Kosovo and Serbia, Avdullah Hoti and Aleksandar Vucic, signed agreements at the White House on mainly economic issues in the presence of President Donald Trump. The agreements were signed separately by Kosovo and Serbia with the US, not with each other.

"Kosovo Government completely depends on Srpska Lista - i.e. Belgrade"

Today, she refused to chair the session at which the new Pristina government was elected.
"A government that completely depends on the votes of the Serbian List, which means Belgrade, and which was provided by President Thaci as the 61st vote, contrary to its constitutional role, can never be a representative will of the people," Osmani said, Pristina's RTK reported.