Athens, 185 years later

Is Athens a successful city? Given everything such a simplistic definition entails, I would say that, yes, it is. I also believe that most Athenians would vote it as their top favorite if they were asked to, despite all its ills.

Repair work on Parliament dome to continue until fall

Repair work on the leaky glass dome that covers the Greek Parliament building in Athens which began last month is to continue until the autumn. Scores of workers are involved in the project to fix the dome, which also requires the use of a large crane. The construction of the building, which was designed by German architect Friedrich von Gartner, began in 1836 and ended in 1842.

Full Moon at Anafiotika | Athens | June 9

Situated right at the foot of the Athens Acropolis, the Anafiotika neighborhood in Plaka was built by islanders from Anafi who came to the capital to work on the construction of King Otto's palace in the 1830s. On Friday, June 9, a tour will be provided of the picturesque neighborhood under the light of the first full moon of the summer. The tour will begin at 7.30 p.m.

Next Stop: 25 Things to Do at Syntagma Square in Athens

For most travellers Greece is synonymous to sand, sea, sunshine and the majestic Greek islands. However, Athens can also offer tourists some great options, while en route to the dreamy Greek island on their itinerary. You soak up the rich history and incredible archeological sites the Greek capital is famous for.

Born in debt! Hello default my old Greek friend

The first documented case of Greek default was in the 4th century BC. Even in modern times, Greece has spent 90 out of its 196 years in financial crisis… let’s not forget that “chaos” is a Greek word.

4th century BC – 13 Greek city states borrowed from the Temple of Delos but most of the borrowers never made good on their loans and the temple suffered an 80% loss.

Leaving the past in the past

By Costas Iordanidis

The anniversary of the 1967 colonels? coup clearly inspired Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis to draw present-day parallels with that tragic event.

?The government today faces a new kind of coup, one that is not carried out with tanks but through banks,? he said on Tuesday.