Paul Mason

#ThisIsACoup recounts the rise and fall of Greece’s dreams (vids)

Journalist Paul Mason’s new documentary “This is a Coup” gives a telling look at the days leading to the July 5 referendum in Greece. Exclusive live coverage of behind-the-scenes developments in the Greek government show that the Greek bank holiday was not as surprising a development as it seemed at the time.


PM Tsipras talks about Greek bailout crisis

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras talked to Paul Mason, the economics editor at Channel 4 News, and said his government could have been “braver” during its bailout negotiations with the European Union.

“I think we lost time, and at the end we were out of force and out of money,” he says. “If we knew that we would have made more brave decisions at the beginning”.

British journalist reveals who “snitched” Samaras to Tsipras

Well known Channel 4 journalist Paul Mason revealed the name of the person who “snitched” Samaras government for chosing a two month extension rather than a six month one offered by partners.
Most specifically, as he wrote on tweeter “I’ve learned that Juncker told Tsipras. Samaras was offered a 6 month extension to Troika program but asked for 2, shortening crisis timetable”.