Pavlos Fyssas

Michaloliakos says charges part of ‘political conspiracy’ against GD

The head of Greece's extreme far-right Golden Dawn party testified in court on Wednesday for several hours as part of a long-running trial over the party's activities in which he and several former party lawmakers are accused of running a criminal organization.

Michaloliakos takes the stand in Golden Dawn trial

More than four years since the launch of the criminal trial against Greece's neofascist Golden Dawn, party leader and founder Nikos Michaloliakos took the stand for the first time on Wednesday.
In his testimony, Michaloliakos denied charges of running a criminal organization that targeted migrants and leftists, denouncing the accusations as fake and politically-motivated.

GD leadership seeks to deflect responsibility onto local chapter members

The trial of Golden Dawn continued Monday with the testimony of former MP Ilias Panagiotaros, during which it became evident that the key objective among the top echelons of Greece's neo-Nazi party is to deflect responsibility for criminal acts onto members of local party organizations.

Defense lawyers clash in Golden Dawn trial as ex-MP takes the stand

The lawyers representing former lawmaker Nikos Michos and party chief Nikos Michaloliakos in the ongoing trial against Golden Dawn clashed in court on Friday when the ex-lawmaker cast aspersions concerning the far-right party's economic management and its lax treatment of members involved in the September 2013 murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas.

Former Golden Dawn spokesman Kasidiaris denies everything

Ilias Kasidiaris, a prominent former MP and spokesman of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, testified on Wednesday in the ongoing trial into GD leaders on suspicion of forming a criminal organization.
Describing the charges against him and the party leadership as "fabricated" and "politically motivated," Kasidiaris said he would not apologize for his and the party's ideology.