Pedro Sanchez

Op-ed: Sanchez’s unethical arms deal, Turkey, and the EU

Spain is arming Turkey. It is all the more curious when one considers that Spain is a member of the MED-9 group of Mediterranean countries that is working more closely with Greece, and it is certainly unacceptable.

During a visit of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to Ankara, the reinforcement of the defence cooperation between the two countries was announced.

Spanish FM coming to Athens after scathing criticism over deal to sell Turkey naval vessels

Athens' uncharacteristically public and sharp criticism this week of a fellow member - Spain, in this case - following a high-profile defense deal whereby Madrid will sell Turkey a new aircraft carrier, and possibly a submarine, generated an immediate reaction.

Greece accuses Sanchez of ignoring EU decisions after he agrees with Erdogan on closer defence ties, sale of aircraft carrier

Greece has expressed its intense consternation over the stance of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in seeking an upgrade of Turkey-Spain cooperation, particularly in the area of defence, at a time when the EU and the international community have condemned Ankara's provocations against EU member-states Greece and Cyprus and violations of international law in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Volcano erupts on Spain’s Canary Islands

The Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted on Spain's Canary Islands on Sept. 19, spewing out lava, ash and a huge column of smoke after days of increased seismic activity and forcing the evacuation of around 5,000 local people, authorities said.

Cumbre Vieja, which last erupted 50 years ago, straddles a ridge in the south of La Palma island, home to around 80,000 people.

Von der Leyen in Athens for Med9 summit – focus on climate change, security, migration

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will attend today's Med9 summit in Athens, where the leaders will focus their talks on climate change and environmental protection in the aftermath of Greece's disastrous wildfires that destroyed about 130,000 hectares in August during a heat wave.

President Klaus Iohannis meets in Brussels with President of Spain's Government, discusses deepening Strategic Partnership

AGERPRES' special correspondent Florentina Peia reports: President Klaus Iohannis met, on Friday, before the meeting of the European Council, with the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sanchez.