Victims of post-war executions commemorated in Teharje

Teharje – An estimated 5,000 victims of war and post-war summary executions were commemorated at a memorial mass in Teharje on Sunday. More than 600 unmarked killing sites across Slovenia bear witness to these atrocities, said retired Celje Bishop Stanislav Lipovšek at the annual ceremony.

New details re: helicopter landing in Cetinje: "Abazović was in charge" VIDEO / PHOTO

Church dignitaries could not reach Cetinje by road due to the blockades set up by the opponents of the enthronement on Saturday afternoon.
Shortly after 8 o'clock, the helicopter landed on the meadow in front of the monastery, where Joanikije was then enthroned on the throne of St. Peter.

Democracy Digest: History Hangs Heavy Here in Central Europe

"What [Slovaks] did towards Hungarians living in Slovakia in 1945-1947 was a sin before God and before the people," Kover said at the unveiling of the memorial, according to the Dennik N daily. He warned that if these events were ever forgotten, "they could happen again in the future" to "defenceless victims".

The image of the legendary Slovenian athlete captured in a new silver coin

Elementum is proud to announce the new Miroslav Cerar Tokyo 1964 silver coin which was designed in collaboration with Miroslav Cerar and the Olympic Committee of Slovenia. The silver coin bears the image of the legendary athlete who won a gold medal at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and this year returns to the famous Tokyo Olympic stage as a special guest.

15th Mountain Film Festival kicks off

Domžale – The 15th Mountain Film Festival starts on Monday in Domžale near Ljubljana, featuring 33 films from 19 countries in four categories: mountaineering, climbing, mountain nature and culture, and sports and adventure. The festival, concluding on Sunday, will bring a plethora of productions on wild animals and epic stories from the Himalayas.