Scandinavia "awash with arms from war-ravaged Balkans"

And according to the Russian website, "the lion's share" came from the war-ravaged Balkans to be used "in a number of attention-grabbing cases."

"Today, Scandinavia's streets are awash with foreign and previously unseen gun brands, such as the Serbian Zastava and Czech-Serbian Scorpion machine guns, amid an unparalleled upswing in shooting incidents," the website said.

US backing Serbian reforms

BELGRADE - The US will continue to back Serbia's reforms aimed at improving the business climate and creating a more attractive environment for investors, said the participants of a conference organised by AmCham Serbia on Tuesday.

ECB measures to reduce interest rates for loans in Serbia

BELGRADE - The announced package of measures by the European Central Bank (ECB), which aims to encourage economic growth in the eurozone, will bring about a drop in interest rates for loans in Serbia, more affordable terms for loans the country takes out abroad and it will also exert a positive impact on the exchange rate, Chair of the Raiffeisen Bank Executive Board Zoran Petrovic stated.