Peyo Mayorski

Expert: The Risk For Fraudulent Loans after the NRA Data Leak Is the same that Existed before

The personal data leak from the NRA system does not increase the risk of fraudulent loans, Nikolai Tsvetanov, of the Association for Responsible Non-Bank Lending, said in an interview with Horizon on BTR. According to him, if there is a loan fraud, it can only be done with the assistance of a person from the lending institution: "There is no additional, huge risk for consumers.

Prices of Bulgarian Meat Products Rose by Almost 15%

Prices of Bulgarian kolbasi (meat products) go up. Prices have jumped by 10-15% since January. This is indicated by the manufacturers' data. And the forecasts are that prices will continue to go up until the end of the year.

The reason for this is the increase in raw meat used in production by nearly 35%. Its price will continue to grow in the European market in the coming months.