Philip V

Ancient Politics | Athens | November 21

Julia Shear, a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) fellow at the American School of Classical Studies (ASCSA), will deliver a lecture at the school on "Erasing Macedonians: The Politics of Athenian Space in 200 BC." In a note on the lecture, Shear says: "Under increasing external pressure, the Athenians… declared war on King Philip V of Macedon and engaged in a period of erasing Macedon

Albanian Telegraphic Agency: Antigonea, “City of Love”, part of 100-village project

The first landmarks of Antigonea are the villages of “Arshi Lengo” and “Asim Zeneli”, the latter one the most populous settlement of the Antigonea Commune.


But, the ancient Antigonea was founded in 295 BC by Pyrrhus of Epirus.


The city was built as an expression of love and ruined by hatred.


Stoa of Philip restoration under way on Delos

A crane at the site of the Stoa of Philip, which is undergoing restoration on the island of Delos, is seen in this photo released by the Culture Ministry on Thursday. The imposing stoa was constructed by Philip V of Macedonia in 210 BC in honor of Apollo. It is 72 meters long and 11 meters wide, and was once supported by 16 Doric columns.