Pirc Musar

Večer wonders whether Slovenia could get woman president

Ljubljana – As Marta Kos, a vice president of the ruling Freedom Movement, and ex-Information Commissioner Nataša Pirc Musar are considering running for president, Večer wonders whether Slovenia will get its first woman president when incumbent Borut Pahor’s second five-year term runs out in December and he cannot stand for a third term.

Freedom Movement condemns Mahnič’s “radical Islamist” tweet

Ljubljana – The Freedom Movement party has condemned in the strongest terms a tweet by Žan Mahnič, the state secretary for national security at the prime minister’s office, which labelled one of their candidates, Faila Pašić, a “radical Islamist” and accused the party of opening doors to Islamisation and sharisation of Slovenia.

Slovenian media debate: EP group chair interested in criteria for labelling journalists “left”

Brussels – Slovenian representatives presented differing views on the media situation as they attended Friday’s public debate at the European Parliament in Brussels. The head of the Parliament’s democracy monitoring group, Sophie in ‘t Veld, wanted to know what criteria are used as basis for journalist in Slovenia to be classified as “left”.

Expert believes STA funding does not require EU Commission assessment

Ljubljana – Lawyer and former Information Commissioner Nataša Pirc Musar believes that the funding of the STA under the most recent coronavirus stimulus package does not have to be assessed by the European Commission because, as claimed by the government. STA’s funding does not constitute state aid nor is there an administrative relationship.